Shiba Inu statistics

This month

321 burns were made

1,843,094,742.072533130645751953 tokens were burn

11.89 burns on average per day ( - 50.40% compared to last month)

68,262,768.224908635020256042 tokens burns on average per day ( - 60.03% compared to last month)

Last month

743 burns were made

5,293,882,309.852386474609375000 tokens were burn

23.97 burns on average per day

170,770,397.092012465000152588 tokens burns on average per day

Last update : 2023-09-27 18:56:15

Can Shiba reach $0.01 ?

Everyone is obsessed with the fact that Shiba must reach $0.01 but is it really possible? As it stands, the answer is NO.
There are too many Shiba in circulation.
Afterwards if we compare the Shiba with the bitcoin "the mother of all cryptocurrencies" it would give this..
Ps: these calculations engage only me.

About Bitcoin

Circulating Supply : 19,497,568.00
Bitcoin Price : $26,256.00
Marketcap : $511,928,145,408.00

About Shiba

Circulating Supply : 589,573,366,172,026.276095846247394909
Shiba Price : $0.00000720
Marketcap : $4,244,928,236.44

If Shiba had the same marketcap as bitcoin (120.59 times the current value)
The maximum price of the Shiba would be $0.00086824

To get Shiba at $0.01
The maximum circulating supply should be 51,192,814,540,800
So we need to burn 91.32% of the actual circulating supply ( 589,573,366,172,026.276095846247394909 )

So you know what to do friends, let's burn some shiba

More details for why burn Shiba inu token